The Wonders of Kratom

Kratom, which grows from the kratom tree, is scientifically known as Mitragyna speciosa. The kratom tree can be found mainly in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia and Thailand. The effects of kratom are similar to those of opium, which is why its usage has been highly under suspicion and regulation. Some countries even went as far as banning the herb completely, which is not exactly a good idea if you take a lot of its health and wellness benefits into consideration. Most of the countries that ban kratom are in Europe, and interestingly, Thailand.

Kratom plantShamans and other alternative medicine healers believe that kratom could alleviate various types of human pain, not just physical ones. The tree has been all over Southeast Asia for centuries already, but surprisingly, not a lot of people even in the region are aware that it exists. Alleged health benefits of kratom include depression and anxiety. The most exotic and valuable species of kratom are normally found in Thailand.

People who have tried kratom would vouch for its drug-like effects. Producers and sellers of the product would tell people of the herb’s history of being used as a pain reliever and an energizer by natives of Asia. Ways of taking and preparing kratom also vary, depending on people’s tastes and interests. Some prefer it boiled for tea, smoked for inhaling, or chewed for food supplement.

In the United States, the use of kratom is regulated by the federal government. The Drug Enforcement Administration has declared it a “drug of concern”. The herb makes its way to American homes in the form of capsules, tea-form or crushed leaves and sold online and tobacco shops.

Studies reveal that the kratom contains mitragyne alkaloids that produce stimulating, intoxicating and depressing effects. Because of this, the substance is regularly used as an opium and morphine substitute. It could be harmful when taken in large doses but very helpful when regulated. Doctors prefer kratom over morphine and opium since withdrawal from the Asian herb is much easier.

It is always highly advised to ask a doctor first before actually taking kratom. Although many providers and users claim that the herb is safe, it is still better to know how it would react to one’s body beforehand.